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About the company

I am delighted to announce the official rebranding of The Property Finance Guy to The Property Finance Collective.

The reason for this rebrand is due to a surge in growth within the company. Having taken on five employees over the past 12 months, it has become apparent that the brand did not represent the company. It is no longer just myself, and the brand needs to reflect that. I have an amazing team around me, supporting me and delivering new business. So rebranding as The Property Finance Collective is definitely the way forward.

As many of you will know, 'collective' means a group of people all working towards the same end goal.

At the moment, that end goal is for us to be here, supporting all of our developers and investors as best we possibly can. Our goal at the moment is to ensure that our clients have the correct financing in place for their deals.


We look forward to welcoming new and returning business under our new alias - get in contact now! 

Michael Primrose
Managing Director
The Property Finance Collective

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Development Finance can cover New Build Developments, Commercial Conversions and Refurbs.


Development Finance can come in the form of Senior Debt, Stretched Senior Debt and Mezzanine Finance. With up to 75% Loan to GDV available.

We have Lenders that will provide up to 100% of costs, including both the purchase and build costs, subject to the project fitting criteria.



With access to Lenders that can cover mortgages on Houses of Multiple Occupation, Serviced Accommodation, Commercial Premises and Portfolio Refinancing, we can assist in nearly all cases, even when you may not be able to prove income or experience. 

Bridging Finance

Working with a large number of bridging loan Lenders, we can assist with Bridging Loans for Residential Purchases, Commercial Purchases, Auctions and Land with or without planning.

The panel of Lenders can lend up to 80% of Market Value, with rates from as low as 0.44% depending on the leverage required.



Working with a large number of Refurb Finance Lenders, we can assist with Refurb Finance for projects that require either a light refurb or a heavy refurb. Anywhere from decoration to extensions.


The panel of Lenders can potentially lend up to 75% of current Market Value and 100% of Refurb costs, with rates from as low as 0.44% depending on the leverage required


The Property Finance Academy is a training platform for Property Investors and Developers who are looking to further their knowledge of the finance products, strategies and deal structures that are available on the market.



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Progressive Property Network Monument launches at The Steel Yard, London on Tuesday 3rd March 2020. Find out more about our fantastic speakers, directions to the event and how to obtain tickets below:

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© 2020 The Property Finance Collective

Michael Primrose, Founder of the Property Finance Guy

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