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Meet Miss Property Finance

Meet our very own Miss Property Finance, Rebecca Skellett! In her own words:

I have not always been in the property finance industry, in fact I never knew that property finance existed! Joining The Property Finance Collective was a very big change for me and a complete career change. Here is my journey so far…

Whist at high school, I always had an interest in Law however I did not want to spend many more years at university studying. Once leaving school, I was accepted for an apprenticeship at a local law firm. I was delighted as this meant I could earn money and learn on the job whilst studying for my apprenticeship. 

Within 6 months of working as an apprentice at the law firm, I was offered the full time position of the receptionist. I gained so much confidence in this role but after a year I was ready for something more challenging. I applied for a position within the Criminal Defence department in which I was successful. I really enjoyed this role as it was very hands on and tested many skills. I gained so much confidence in speaking with clients and working solely on a file. 

After 5 years at this law firm, unfortunately the department was cut down drastically which resulted in me being made redundant. After being in law for so long, I felt the time had come for a brand new challenge.

I saw the Case Administrator role advertised at The Property Finance Collective and after reading the job description, I was completely drawn in (even though I had zero knowledge of property finance!). I applied for the role and to my surprise, I was successful. I was not 100% sure what I was letting myself in for however when arriving for my first day everyone made me feel so welcome. I was talked through the procedures and the basics of property finance. Even though I was overwhelmed with information, I was excited to start a new journey in the world of property finance. I was going home in the evening and finding myself researching the different types of products, wanting to learn more and more.  

A couple of months after joining TPFC, I was offered the chance to take the CeMAP qualification. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to gain more insight into finance and to have this qualification under my belt. I felt quite touched that after being at TPFC for only a few months, Michael believed in me that much he gave me this chance which I will forever be grateful for!    

I have progressed from a Case Administrator to a Trainee Case Manager and I am enjoying starting to take my own workload and look after my own clients. I enjoy the fast paced environment and the variety of cases. Although I am not at the standard of Mr Property Finance Guy himself, Michael Primrose (That would take years of practice!) , I am learning more and more each day. I am very determined to keep growing my knowledge and build my own client base and take The Property Finance Collective to the next level.  

Written by Rebecca Skillet, Trainee Case Manager

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