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Our 2 Year Birthday!

What a year we have had!!

We’ve seen some dramatic changes over the last year, from new hires and new offices, to re-brands and awards!

Since celebrating our first birthday we have doubled our workforce meaning we needed to find a new office. 2020 saw the hires of Rebecca, Elliot and Adam who most of you will probably know well now. It then also saw the beginning of our apprenticeship journey with the hire of our first apprentices. We are now settled into our new office which we moved into just before the first lockdown, so it still feels new to us all!

Due to the growth of the company, we also decided it was time to re-brand from The Property Finance Guy, to The Property Finance Collective. TPFG remains Michael’s brand, as he is well known in the industry as ‘The Property Finance Guy’, but the team that he has formed work as a collective, just as the name states.

We were very lucky to start seeing all of our hard work recognised by the nominations of multiple awards over the year. We were lucky enough to be short listed for a good number of those, unfortunately didn’t win, but we’re still very young and have a lot to give yet!

Despite the second lockdown, we are very busy and still growing rapidly, so we are very much looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring us and can’t wait to see where we are this time next year!!

We are incredibly proud of the team we have, and what they have achieved in their time with us. They all work very hard and give their all – a huge thank you to everyone, as we would not be where we are without each member of our team.

Another little shout out to a couple of very important people who helped us at the start of our journey, supporting and encouraging, above and beyond – we wouldn’t be here without you either!

Bring on 2021!!!

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