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Women in Finance Charter

The HM Treasury's Women in Finance Charter is a pledge for gender balance across financial services. Here at The Property Finance Collective, our team is made up of a strong presence of females in managerial roles and the organisation strives to promote gender diversity amongst its team. Our Case Manager Alison Dalton answers some questions about equality within the team:

Did you notice a significant inequality in gender roles when moving from your previous job role to the Finance industry?

I spent many years as an Early Years Practitioner in childcare, both in Ireland and here in the UK. Working with children is a very female dominated industry with very few men. In my years I never worked alongside a male colleague. Any males that I did come across were in higher managerial positions. I then moved to the finance industry which is in contrast, a very male dominated industry. Despite having little experience when I joined the industry I have never been made to feel inadequate within my role.

How do The Property Finance Collective ensure equality in the workplace?

When I joined the team The Property Finance Guy was very new, yet despite the director being male the environment has always been very equal. The next person to join the team was also female so very quickly The Property Finance Guy became a female dominated team. The team continued to grow and TPFG was now one male to four females so we rebranded to The Property Finance Collective. We have continued to grow as a company and are more balanced in the male, female ratio. The company has still maintained its equality within the team with staff being promoted (myself included) based on their ability to do the job rather than their gender. Since our Trainee Case Manager Rebecca joined the team earlier this year, she began undertaking her CeMap qualification which she is hoping to complete early next year. The company are very supportive in encouraging any member of the team in undertaking any sort of training that will support them and also in turn aid the business in the long run.

What is your experience with clients - are more and more women getting into property development?

Gradually there are more women becoming more involved in property development but it is still very much dominated by men. I think this down to men being more interested in this type of industry and wanting to be hands on with the work involved in buying and developing a property. I think women should try and get more involved in this industry if it is something they are wanting to do. I can't see them being challenged just because of their gender. I think, as society we see building/refurbishing properties as a man's job and it's a thought process we need to break and see that gender does not play a part in this industry. 

What is your experience with female Lenders in the Industry?

There are a number of female BDM's within the industry that I am in contact with, however the majority are still male. I don't know if this is down to women just not applying for the BDM role or because they are not being pushed to take on the role because of childcare commitments. The hours spent on the road as a BDM can be long, which I can imagine would have an impact on family life. That's not to say there are not any female BDM's there just definitely seems to be more males in those types of role. 

What advice would you give someone wanting to start out in this industry?

If it's something that you want to do then just go for it. You will be welcomed and supported along the way, it is an industry that is slowly becoming more gender balanced but even though it's still prodominantly male dominated, women in this industry are proving to be very successful.

Written by Alison Dalton & Jodie Mason

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